Archives for May 2011

Using ExpressionEngine for your cms

ExpressionEngine is a new area of interest for me here at tgcdesign. The previous version of this site was running on EE version2.1.3 and was my first attempt at designing a fully integrated cms site that I did not program myself. While others may be easier to use for the layperson, EE offers a developer a completely new world of possibilities. ExpressionEngine is a commercial product with three licensing levels, Freelancer, Non-Commercial, and Commercial.  The Freelancer license would be … [Read more...]

Trying out CMS Made Simple

I was recently approached by a Ham Radio club in the southern states to provide a quote for web development. I visited their site and looked at what information they currently had. The existing site was written using FrontPage and the code was a huge mess. My first thoughts were that they really had no content and a LOT of pages to show it in. In this article I describe how I used CMS Made Simple do draw everything they had into a new, modernized, completely manageable website that they could … [Read more...]