My first adventure into the world of web design was in 1994 when a club I belonged to wanted to start their own website. At that time I believe the concept of broad band internet connections was just starting to grow in popularity. The club was an amateur radio club that specialized in DX’ing and contesting. Our first site went live on a free hosting service in 1995 and was nothing more than a few html pages which included the obligatory “list of useful links” page.

Having a desire to provide more of a service to our membership, I started looking into ways that I could integrate membership capabilities and a way for members to provide content to our site. I searched the web for possible solutions and found a product called ColdFusion, which was a database engine and front end for web applications. I read many books and finally set up my very own server to run CF on and started developing the first user managed content site for our club. One of the big benefits of this was the fact that I was able to create a members section where they could add their contest scores to the club score grid simply by logging into the site and filling out a simple web form. Over the years that has grown significantly and I have been approached by other clubs to do the same for them.

So now, some 17 years later the site is still live. It was moved off of my personal server back in 2008 due to some “major hardware malfunctions” and is now written in PHP. Switching to PHP was a milestone effort and I am still working on the site trying to duplicate things that I had done with ColdFusion. As with all good things, they are a work in progress…

What’s the TGC stand for?

Well that’s a good question. In 1996, when I wanted to start my own website geared towards web development and programming, I had all the good intentions of registering my own domain name. I already had k2zs.com, which I had registered a few years earlier just to get my own custom email address, but I wanted something unique to the sites purpose. I had all sorts of names picked out ahead of time but during the sign up process I found that they had all been taken. In a pinch I wracked my brain trying to come up with something that was unique (and available). In my mind I really wanted it to have “design” in the name and so, not able to come up with anything else I chose TGC. TGC are the initials of my 1985 Harley Davidson’s model name – Tour Glide Classic, and so TGCDesign was born.