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Why I dumped HostGator

Back sometime in mid 2011, I opened an account with HostGator. I purchased a shared/reseller account mainly to separate all of my other domains into their own cPanel accounts. This domain was my first account there (after the new reseller domain name) and to be honest with you, it never performed well at all. The proof is in the graph I use Google's Webmaster Tools for all of my sites. In there you will find a section entitled Diagnostics where you can see Crawler Stats. This is a graphical … [Read more...]

VPS Hosting by Liquid Web

I just signed up for VPS hosting with Liquid Web and wow, what a difference. I had this site on a shared hosting plan but wasn't happy with its performance. One of the main drawbacks to shared hosting is site performance. When I had this site on shared hosting, there were times when my pages took several seconds to load! It wasn’t uncommon to wait 6-10 seconds before any page was rendered. That’s an important factor when you realize that if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you've … [Read more...]